Water Damage Remediation Company for Homes in Mountain Resorts, CO

Any amount of water damage can produce detrimental, long-term effects for your home. Excessive water causes major destruction to features such as walls, floors, electrical work, appliances, ceilings, the interior and exterior structure of a property, not to mention household possessions contained within. Turning to a team of professional water damage specialists, like those with Paul Davis in Mountain Resorts, is the safest way to make sure your property is restored to its pre-damaged state.

How Paul Davis Fixes Water Damage

Water damage can come from various things, such as leaking pipes, malfunctioning appliances and a dilapidated roof. Water can also be stemmed from putting out a fire. Luckily, the trained damage specialists with Paul Davis in Mountain Resorts offer reliable water damage cleanup, remediation, restoration and reconstruction services throughout the region.

The Paul Davis team assesses the degree of the damage to determine the scope of the job at hand. Water damage has long-term ramifications within a home or commercial space. If not handled at once, that damage boosts the number of issues, work, and finances to rectify it. Using the services of our team means you prevent escalating repair costs and extensive irreparable wreckage, as well as prevent health issues for any person or pet that lives in the property. Unaddressed moisture promotes mold and mildew growth, and this can cause respiratory ailments for people. Prolonged exposure to specific types of mold should be prevented all the time.

Our water damage cleanup and reconstruction services consist of:

  • Water damage examination
  • Water removal
  • Dehumidifying impacted areas, such as walls, carpet, padding and furniture
  • Cleaning and restoration of possessions, such as clothes, linens, books and documents
  • Removing mold and mildew damage
  • Locating and repairing the source of leaking water
  • Reconstruction services and storm damage repair
  • Assisting with filing insurance claims

Water Damage Cleanup Should Not Be Put Off

Water damage is much more than the physical ailments you see, like soaked floors or discolored walls and surfaces. This type of damage is put in a category to discern the seriousness of it. Class 1 is clean water that is not dangerous to humans. Class 2 is also known as gray water, and it deals with water that can be harmful because it contains microorganisms. Class 3 is unsanitary because of bacteria and other pathogens. This water is called black water. The emergency damage restoration specialists with Paul Davis will advise you of what category your water damage falls into. From there, they get to work taking care of the issues. Our thorough service means that we work fastidiously until we complete the job. Our team begins by cleaning up the affected areas, eliminating what cannot be salvaged, mitigating and remediating any continuing hazards from the water damage and restoring your house as close as possible to its original state.

Insurance Companies Recommend Paul Davis for Help with Water Damage

Paul Davis Restoration is recommended by your insurance company to put your property back in working condition after dealing with water damage. You might be at a loss as to where to turn after your property has been damaged. This is where Paul Davis steps in to helps. You’ll begin with filing a claim with your insurance agency to cover the cost of the repairs to your water damaged home or commercial property. When the extent of the damage has been identified, we work directly with your insurance company, and negotiate the expense of the repairs on your behalf. Your Paul Davis Restoration team receives payment from your insurance provider, so there is nothing out-of-pocket that you’re responsible for. Our contractors in Mountain Resorts, CO, handles the petition for work created after you file your claim with the company that insures your property.

Paul Davis of Paul Davis Restoration of the Mountain Resorts, CO has been fortunate to help many home and property owners throughout the area by delivering high-quality water damage remediation and restoration work, uncomplicated communication and a smooth process. Because we have worked with so many customers over the years, we know the distinct issues you encounter after your property has sustained water damage. By working with the insurance company to get your repair project staffed, we take on the heavy lifting, so you can focus your energy elsewhere.

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In the instance that a mishap in your home causes extensive water damage, you can turn to the experts at Paul Davis. Mountain Resorts, CO, property owners can call our water damage remediation company at (970) 328-2705 for emergency assistance.